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Fall 2016: Vol. 46, Iss. 2

Fall 2016: Vol. 46, Iss. 2
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In this issue: Kafka gets a cease and desist, train trip through Siberia, hornets, personal advocates and lost cats, Charlie Chaplin is everywhere, the poetess takes her revenge, Deus Ex Machina, cancer, and a dinner party.

Table of Contents: 


Patrick James Errington | This as Something More

Hadara Bar-Nadav | Diamond

Steve Mueske | Night Cycle | We Arrive from Other Writings

Rebecca Lehmann | Amoebae

Kaveh Akbar | Room in a Tempest

Safiya Sinclair | How to Be a More Interesting | Woman: A Polite Guide for the Poetess

Jennifer Militello | Erotomania | How Feeling Too Much Is like Tracking or Taxidermy

Sarah V. Schweig | Emptiness | Life on Plastic Mountain

Diana Khoi Nguyen | The Exodus | Cult Leader

Anthony Madrid | Only the Bird Sees the Elastic Filament

Erica Bernheim | Pretend Fiction | Brass Knuckles

Laura Kasischke | Envelope Addressed to Me with Your Return Address | The Hourglass | Imagine

Max Ritvo | Poem Set in the Day and in the Night | Leisure-Loving Man Suffers Untimely Death

Elizabeth Metzger | Voice Box in the Surgical Field | The Exquisite Hoax | 126 Benevolent Street

L.A. Johnson | Night Passage 

Corey Van Landingham | Deus Ex Machina, Spolia

John Kinsella | Bealach Scair | 1847 | Losing the Rainbow Sheen of the Bronzewing‘s Wings


Ariel Dorfman | Outliving Kafka

Ruth Madievsky | Hamster

Judson Merrill | My Role in Society

Amy Margolis | Don’t Look Up

Bree Barton | Lost

Matthew Nye | Still Life with Opium

Vladislava Kolosova | Siberian Sunburn

Jennifer Colville | Center


Chen Li | I Catch Sight of Many Chaplins on the Street | Translated by Ting Wang

Rachel Michelle Hanson | Breaking

Arra Lynn Ross | The Hornets’ Nest: A Meditation on Death, Running, and Writing

Joshua Wheeler | The Light of God: America’s Pastime in the Age of Drone Warfare

Tanya Bomsta | The Archaeologists


Harris Feinsod | C.D. Wright’s Apology


Claire Schwartz | “Moving toward What I Don’t Know”: An Interview with Tracy K. Smith


Lauren Haldeman | Monsters

Feature: 11