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Fall 2017: Vol. 47, Iss. 2

Fall 2017: Vol. 47, Iss. 2
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In this issue: reporting from war zones, orange spray paint gets ugly, alopecia, visualizing Walter Benjamin's Arcades, breakfast and dinner in verse, Japan during the 2011 tsunami, a monkey magician, and a man runs a 10k in Converse.


Anna Jackson | Unspoken, at Breakfast
Marcus Wicker | Silencer on the Arrest of Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. after Sassing an Officer Who Assumed He’d Unlawfully Entered His Own Home
Samuel Amadon | Hot Talk
Analicia Sotelo | My Mother as the Voice of Kahlo
Wayne Miller | May 5, 2014
Anders Carlson-Wee | The Mark
Rusty Morrison | rinsing out your ziplocks | chewing dirt
Mike Soto | [Untitled]
Michael Bazzett | The Fact | The Plot
Corey Van Landingham | On a Morning When Our Weather Is Sixty Degrees Different Elegy for the Sext
Max Ritvo | Dinner in Los Angeles, Raining in July
Steven Kleinman | My Mother’s Many Deaths | Taking a Stone
Malachi Black | Mother of Pearl | Old Photographs


T.C. Boyle I The Designee
Sean Higgins | The Blaze-Orange Freak Tag
Tim Taranto | 260 Moore
Ardashir Vakil | Laptop
Todd James Pierce | The Cameraman’s Son
Rachel Lyon | The Monkey Magician
Ben Bush | Introverts
Elizabeth Bowen | Mysterious Kôr


Jennifer Alise Drew | Personal Matters
Jenny Boully | Cindy Dodge, Aerialist, Fall
Sophie Unterman | Bashert
M.W. Larson | The Hills Above, the Sea Below


Margot Livesey | The Flight of the Hawk: An Introduction to Elizabeth Bowen’s “Mysterious Kôr”


Christopher Merrill | From the Workshop to War: An Interview with Janine di Giovanni


Thom Donovan | Melissa Buzzeo’s The Devastation


Frances Cannon | The Collector: An Illustrated Archive of Objects, Nouns, and Books Collected from the Text of Walter Benjamin’s Arcades
Alexander O. Smith |Traveler’s Tales

Note: Due to a formatting error in our Spring 2017 issue, we are reprinting Corey Van Landingham’s poems from that issue, with our apologies.

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