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Fall 2018

Fall 2018
Fall 2018
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In this issue: spring training in Arizona, Black magick, pronouns and sentence diagrams, a shrinking man and a henchman, ramen, Krazy Kat, and an interview with Robyn Schiff.

Emily Nemens 
| Prospects 
Ruth MadievskyLoose Teeth 
Jane McCafferty | The Strong, Silent Type 
Pankaj Challa | Passengers 
Grayson Morley | The Henchman 
Erika Krouse | The Standing Man 
Christina Milletti | Twelve Inches 

Amy Leach
 | The Benevolence of Blueberries 
Jessica Jacobs | Kriah: Meditations on Life before Death 
Cherise Morris | the cosmic matter of Black lives 
Daisy HernŠndez | Grammatical Disquisitions 
Neil Schmitz | Humorís Brick: George Herrimanís Krazy Kat 

Shane McCrae
 | The Brown Horse Ariel | The President Visits the Storm 
Alfredo Aguilar | When Snow Buried Our Town | In a Backyard 
Devon Walker-Figueroa | The Euthanasia Coaster | Childtrebling | Thaumatropical 
Marc Rahe | Scar Tissue | Night Stand 
Amanda Nadelberg | from The Fourth Moment  
Michael Dumanis | Ministry of Human Capacities | The Courtship 
 Greg Allendorf | Imagine | Beset 
Steve Langan | A Buffet 
Philip Kobylarz | The Meadow Flowering 
Jesse Nathan | Outside the War | The Bucolic 
Zachary Schomburg two poems from Hear Oars 
Austen Leah Rosenfeld | Getting Ready 
Sara McGuirk | Under the New Regime, No Sinner

Frances Cannon
 | An Illustrated Conversation with Robyn Schiff  

Dawn Whitmore
 | Gun Love 

Contributorsí Notes

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