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Spring 2016: Vol. 46, Iss. 1

Spring 2016: Vol. 46, Iss. 1
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In this issue: rugby without rules, swords of Damocles, maybe you love him and maybe you love her and maybe you love no one, El Ángel de la Radio, Bobcatting coffins, helpless before so much love, glaciers retreating as we approach, and 10 rising poets of Iraq

Table of Contents:

Joyelle McSweeney | [Like any light now breaking in the sky] | [With my spittle, with my cipher] | [To lie down in still waters of erasure] | [a flower, a novice, and an infiltrate]
Caitlin Roach | morning hymn
Fran Tirado | Kleos, Aidos, Nostos, & Penthos
Dora Malech | Flourish | Notes Toward a Thank You
Eric Weinstein | Emerging from Your Vehicle, You Discover This
Alana Marie Levinson-LaBrosse | Rising Poets of Iraq
John Freeman | Repair | Wimbledon
Erina Harris | Hades: Witness Statement, On The Disappearance of Kore
Martha Baillie | Topographies
Doren Robbins | Dylan Thomas
John Witte | The Clover | Teeth
Jessica Laser | Sergei | Noelle

Marta Evans | Malcriada
Zachary Tyler Vickers | Finkle, Frigup
Bobbie Ann Mason | The Caretakers
Zoe Ward | The Other Country
A. Molotkov | Farewell, My Love
Stephen Markley | On the Phase Transitions of Methane Hydrates
Rob Drummond | The Unpunished

Sarah Viren | Advise Me
Jacqueline Haskins | Fairweather Gods
Rose Whitmore | The Naming of Fear
Devin Latham | Mercy Killing
Matthew Pratt Guterl | Afterlife

Vanessa Blakeslee | Mary Akers's Bones of an Inland Sea
Carmen Maria Machado | Michel Faber's The Book of Strange New Things
Chris Pusateri | Rod Smith's Touché


Feature: 12