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Spring 2017: Vol. 47, Iss. 1

Spring 2017: Vol. 47, Iss. 1
Issue 47/1 Cover: Photos by Lisa Jane Persky
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In this issue: Debbie Harry's first show in LA, a journey to Iceland, tooth extraction practices, John Hersey in Martha's Vineyard, communists, Greek beaches during the Syrian refugee crisis, the Siamese Twins, and the winners of the 2016 veterans' writing contest.

Table of Contents:

Graham Barnhart | My Pittsburgh | Indiana-stan | Positive Feedback Cultivating Mass | Certificates of Training | The War Makes Everyone Lonely | Sewing | Days of 2009 | Everything in Sunlight I Can’t Stop Seeing
Margaret Reges | Diver
D.F. Brown | Ghost of a Person Passing in Front of the Flag | Happy Valley above Vinh Thanh | Fractured Fairy Tale | Six Kinds of Tough Shit | It Was a Long Time before the Bones Spoke | The Story of the Words I Use | Reality Television, 1969
Corey Van Landingham | On a Morning When Our Weather Is Sixty Degrees Different | Elegy for the Sext
J. Estanislao Lopez | Independence Day in West Texas
Karen Skolfield | Army SMART Book: Inspirational Quotes (I) | Why I Never Wrote about the Army | Army SMART Book: Inspirational Quotes (II) | The Great Sacrifice of the Romans on Undertaking a War | Rescued Parrots Used in PTSD Therapy
Noah Warren | Ram Rotting on the Hill | Listeners
Hai-Dang Phan | Events Ashore
Elizabeth Scanlon | Family Drama

Iheoma Nwachukwu | Train Juju
Molly Quinn | A Danger to Ourselves
Natalie Bakopoulos | There Is No Place That Does Not See You
Theresa Dowell Blackinton | Next Time, the Whale
Sale Trice Lilly IV | After Action Report

D.J. Savarese | Passive Plants 
Jason Arment | White Whale
Shelley Puhak | Pulling Teeth
Yunte Huang | A Game on the High Seas
Daniel Mueller | The Middle Ground
John Durham Peters | Media in Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead Trilogy


Daniel Khalastchi | “The Anxiety of Not Knowing”: An Interview with James Galvin
Stephen Voyce | “Poetry and Other Antagonisms”: An Interview with Commune Editions

Glenda R. Carpio | Scott Saul’s Becoming Richard Pryor
Lauren Haldeman | Ish Klein’s Consolation and Mirth

Lisa Jane Persky | Navigating the (Lint-y) Fabric of the Space-Time Continuum: Photographs of Debbie Harry, 1975–77
Kembrew McLeod | From the Underground Archive: Lisa Jane Persky’s Photographs of Debbie Harry 


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