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Spring 2018

Spring 2018
Spring 2018
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In this issue: punctuation, LeBron James, post-Katrina paintings, an affair in Park Slope, motherhood, the son of Batman, a Leo like Jackie O, and the winner of the inaugural David Hamilton Prize.


Mary Quade | Bunnies | Jump | Clear As Octopus | A Rhyme
Montreux Rotholtz Mother (Ghost)
Bob Hicok | The substitute brings out his A game | Some experience required 
Nikki-Lee Birdsey Augustland | The Long Nineteenth Century
Susan Stewart playground | gray squirrel
G.C. Waldrep Cancer Poem | In Him Were Hidden All Our Tongues
Josh Kalscheur Big Time Adult
Benjamin Aleshire | Motherhood
John Tripoulas | Black Bags
Justin Hyde | in my parents’ garage | 3:38 a.m. at the truck stop | you think you’ve seen everything
John Freeman | Coins | Paris (Bastille Day)
Margaret Ross | Stay


Tess Gunty Variables
Jillian Jackson A Leo, Like Jackie O
Patrick Connelly | Harlan and Grace
Jed Phillip Cohen | Salad Days
Rachel Kadish | Letters Arrive from the Dead
Robin Hemley | BoondocksCoconut  



Wayne Koestenbaum | Punctuation 
Micah Bateman | Son of Batman 
Stephen Markley | LeBron James and the Infinite Melancholy  

Molly Bashaw | Still Life on Leap Day

Christopher Bakken | The Four Way Test  



Jeffrey J. Williams | Shakespeare and Scooby-Doo: An Interview with Terrance Hayes



Cassandra Cleghorn | Michael Bazzett’s The Interrogation



Joyce Tsai | Shelter after the Storm: The Work of Tameka J. Norris

Feature: 13