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Spring 2019

Spring 2019
Spring 2019
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In this issue: filk music, basketballs and tennis balls, trees with hands, the U.S./Mexico Border, an ’80s Detroit dance party, and the winners of the 2018 Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award for Veterans.

Khaled Mattawa | The Book of Un-
Major Jackson | Rembrandt Took the Best Selfies
Gabriel Dozal | This is the border simulator
L.S. Klatt | White
Gaby Garcia | A History of Water
Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold | She Who Knows the Sadness of Things
Ray Young Bear | The Iron-Plated Wolverine’s Ledger | The Loneliest Bird
Sandra McPherson | Lute Frets Ghazal
Michael White | Descent
James Tate | Fishing in the Sea of Galilee | Everything but Thomas
Jane Huffman | Rip
Sawako Nakayasu | A Line of Five Girls with Golf Balls in Their Mouths | Girl G Jumps Into the Orchestra
Daniel Tiffany | from What It Must Be Like

Claire Luchette
 | Lawnmower Jill
Amy Rowland | Thirteen Ways of Looking at Other Birds | The Fall
Denise Heyl McEvoy | The Company of Trees
Eric McMillan | Animal Cruelty
Melissa Ragsly | Pink
Dini Parayitam | Hoops
Jose Francisco Fonseca | Ruins of El Matamora
Colin Raunig | The Path of Totality

Wendy S. Walters
| The Black Law Students’ Association Party (or, Why Can’t I Write Joy?)
Ira Sukrungruang | My Buddha Works Out
Andrew Farkas | Filk
Sonner Kehrt | The Uniform
Felicity Fenton | Allowance

Zaina Alsous, Hayan Charara, Safia Elhillo, Marwa Helal, Philip Metres, and Stephen Voyce??????? | Beyond the Land of Erasure: A Roundtable of Poets from the Arabic-Speaking and Muslim Worlds

Loren Glass
| Joe Hagan’s Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine

Mary Jones
| The Flâneuse 

Contributors’ Notes

Feature: 10