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Spring 2020: Vol. 50, No. 1

Spring 2020: Vol. 50, No. 1
Spring 2020: Vol. 50, No. 1
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In this issue: birthday cake, auctioneering school, the 2018 Hawaii false missile alert, a male masseuse in Kanagawa Prefecture, a love performance, the winner of the 2019 David Hamilton Prize for Iowa Review Alumni, and tributes to Connie Brothers.

Ryu¯nosuke Akutagawa, translated by Ryan Choi | Flowers of the Sal Tree, “Masks,” Frosty Night, Merchant Virgin Mary
Cal Bedient | What Was to Be an Elegy for Emily Dickinson
Matthias Göritz, translated by Mary Jo Bang | Trolleybus No. 3, To Stand
Benjamin Krusling | youth passes but there’s no opposite
Emily Pittinos | Orphan, Lissome in the Dust Storm
Michele Glazer | Thereafter, Spring & all that
Eric TranLectio Divina: Hektor the Assassin, Saga #9
Sarah Matthes | The Jungle of Sick Animals
David Trinidad | Last Poem, David Trinidads, Why, today, do I think of Mary,

Kate Osana Simonian | The Pet
Karl Taro Greenfeld | Vital Energies
Alberto Olmos, translated by Nina Perrotta | ? Love Performance
Remy Barnes | Sweet Thing
Michael Byers | The Demolition Derby Team of the First, Church of the Word of Elvis, Iceboat, Copperhead, Picchvai
Ralph E. Rodriguez | The Music Inside You

B. Domino | Champagne Room
Brittany Borghi | A Delicate Strength
Emily Greenberg | Lost in the Desert of the Real
Clinton Crockett Peters | A Portrait of the Artist at His Home in Texas
Steve Gerkin | The Legend of the Protestor with the Molar Bandana

Lan Samantha Chang
Robert Hass
Francine Prose
James Galvin
Marilynne Robinson
Chris Adrian
Brenda Hillman

Izzy Casey | David Trinidad: An Interview Under the Influence

ARTWORK Meg Mitchell | Birthday

Feature: 08