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Winter 2016/17: Vol. 46, Iss. 3

Winter 2016/17: Vol. 46, Iss. 3
Cover: Photo by Barry Phipps
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In this issue: A drag queen dresses as a flip phone, British patriotism in the Falkland Islands, Charles Baudelaire, a cougar in the woods, very large things, Iowa IRL, drinking and traveling, Rapunzel and Snow White hit the beach, and Michael Jordan.

Table of Contents: 


Dan Chelotti | Memoir
sam sax | Miasma | Application | Meat
Gretchen Marquette | Not Reading Lorca on Grand Avenue | Requiem | Under a Glass Mosaic of Blue Hearts
Charles Baudelaire | The Albatross | Jewels | The Possessed | Translated by Sandra Simonds
Cynthia Cruz | Zero | Snow Diary
Nancy Reddy | Rapunzel at Enchanted Lakes Beachfront Townhomes | Snow White Takes South Beach
Justin Phillip Reed | From Paroxysm
Dobby Gibson | April Light | Making Arrangements | What the Cold Wants
Cortney Lamar Charleston | Jumpman: A Ghazal with Pivots


Annie DeWitt | Closest Without Going Over
Amy Widmoyer Hanson | The Soles of Her Feet
Maria Anderson | Cougar
Craig Curtis | Whispers
Anjali Sachdeva | The World by Night
Birgül Oguz | else | Translated by Aron Aji
Barry Lopez | The Race Goes to the Swiftest
Sarah Coates | Bang!
Brett Puryear | Acolytes


Evan James | Lovers’ Theme
Robin Hemley | They Have Forgotten Many Things 
Sarah Heston | From Daughter of Endtimes
Adrienne Raphel | A Is for A
Isabelle Davis | Maybe Flowers Would Grow Soon

Barry Phipps | Iowa Photographs

Feature: 10