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Winter 2018/19

Winter 2018/19
Winter 2018/19
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In this issue: cyanotypes, a giant hedge, nuns with tattoos, food carts, a divorcée in pumps, Naima Coltrane, an ode to the dumbphone, Charlottesville, and the winners of the 2018 Iowa Review Awards.

Meron Hadero | A Down Home Meal for These Difficult Times
Sandra K. Hong | Kyungee Pak, Realtor
Doug HendersonThe Manga Artist
Elizabeth Wetmore | Shelter in Place
Gabriela Garcia | Frosted Glass
Justin Reed | Sister Mary Teresa Bloods In
Kai Maristed | Evangeline, or Theories of Childhood Development

Naima Karczmar | Song Flute
David Hamilton | Charlottesville
Anita Gill | Hair
Jeff Yee | Var
Jennifer Stock | Self Storage
David Giffels | Dumbphone

Micah Bateman | After Marriage
Julia Anna MorrisonAt Squire Point | I Donít Want to Be a Sad Mother
Katie Willingham | Disappointment Meter
Grady Chambers | What I Like Most about Our Fights
Shaina Monet | In Hamburg with The Negro Avenged | On Menzelís Atelierwand | In Madrid with Picassoís Guernica
Kirsten Ihns | trash exotica/roissy mcdonalds/red orange/radiant orchid 
Camille Guthrie | The Ideal Form | During the Middle Ages | A Young Daughter of the Picts
Malcolm Tariq | Cento in Which the Narrative Precedes the Lyric
Heather Christle | An Old Game | The Wizard
Lisa Wells | from Prisonerís Cinema

Noah Doely Cyanotypes

Contributorsí Notes

Feature: 11