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Winter 2019/20

Winter 2019/20
Winter 2019/20
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In this issue: toes, 362.28 in the card catalog, a portfolio of fantastical and surreal writing and artwork, a tenure review gone awry, and the winners of the 2019 Iowa Review Awards.

Julie Gray | Biology II
Derby Maxwell | Tiny Firecrackers
Elizabeth Dodd | Under Review
Andes Hruby | The Kitty
Laura Crossett | A Librarian’s Guide to Mourning

Joyelle McSweeney | Post-NICU Villanelle
Brian Sneeden | OriginsSeason of Echoes
Philip MetresChorus (After the Bombing) | [       ]
Maggie MillnerPeripeteia
Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer | Here’s What We Know

Chloe WilsonTongue-Tied
Sherry KramerMore Than
Terrence Holt | Ghost Story
Analía Villagra | After
Bruce Holbert An Ordinary Love Story

Portfolio: Americana Fantastica
Evan James | Introduction to “Americana Fantastica”
R. Kauff | 4 oz Graphite Claw Hammer
Stacey Levine |  from Where Is Mice?: A Novel
Shani Jamila | Long Live
Jessica Laser | Propositions | Nursery Rhyme | The Silent Conversation of the Middle
Eugene Lim | Diptych
PhomohobesFamily Dynamics
CAConradYou Cannot Return a Stretched Mind | Golden in the Morning Crane Our Necks | Camisado
Beth MorganStarting from Scratch
Mark MayerSwimming Pool Crimes
Kenan Ince | Antiphilin
Eleen Lin Paintings
Tommy Kha Mine IXSheepshead
Kate Bernheimer Diamond | I Was Anne Frank | S O N I C Y O U T H | Girls Riding Horses on Cliffs by the Ocean or Sea
Sze Tsung Nicolás Leong Palazzo Massimo
Bennett Sims La “Mummia di Grottarossa”
Jacob EigenThe Difficult Years | The Monkey | The End of the Long, Miserable Evening 
Wayne Koestenbaum | [“roar of God”] | [beard smooth skin] | The Promiscuous Unseen
Beth Livensperger |  Paintings
Colby Somerville | Poem
Jared BuckheisterPaintings
Rawaan Alkhatib | Crusty Flats | Gardens of Soft Corals
Jesse Treece | Southern Gothic
Micah BatemanO as a Hole Down the Page
Adrienne Raphel | Phantasmagoria

Feature: 08